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We offer a free initial consultation for all services

Your tax problems won’t go away on their own; without a dedicated taxpayer advocate to fight for your rights and find an effective solution, the IRS will do whatever they can to collect what you owe. That may mean placing a lien or levy on your property or garnishing your wages. At Stampley Accounting and Tax Services, we provide our clients with tax debt resolution services. We’ll communicate with the IRS on your behalf and work to find the most cost-effective solution to pay your back taxes. Contact our office today for a free consultation; after you discuss your situation with a tax resolution specialist, we’ll offer our professional guidance advice and tell you specifically how we can help. As your trusted tax resolution company, we assist clients in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.

We offer a free initial consultation for all services


If you need a break from the threatening notices and letters from the IRS, or if you want to put a halt to collection activities, contact a tax resolution expert from our team today. Our highly-skilled accountants have provided tax resolution services for years. As such, we can investigate back taxes to make sure you aren’t being taken for more than what you rightfully owe. If we are unable to reduce the amount owed, we will work directly with the IRS to create an installment agreement or payment plan that you can realistically manage.


If you’re looking for a professional tax specialist in Charlotte, NC, you’ve come to the right place. When you owe the IRS and can’t pay off the debt outright, our tax resolution service may be able to assist you with an alternative option, such as:

  • Creating an installment agreement with the IRS
  • Requesting an extension to pay the full balance

Don’t wait any second longer thinking how to pay back taxes, and allow us to help you do it in a way that works for you.

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Efficient solutions for all your personal and small business needs

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